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How To Crack LIC AAO

How To Crack LIC AAO 2023: Easy Tips & Tricks For Preparation

How to Crack LIC AAO is a gratifying job that provides its employees a handsome salary with many perks and prerequisites. So, if you want to crack LIC AAO on the first attempt then, get your priorities straight and start preparing for the exam right away. But, before getting your feet wet, you must always be cognizant of what is the examination pattern for LIC AAO and how you should plan your preparations so that you can complete the syllabus well in time by attempting almost 20 to 30 mock tests before appearing for the exam.

Before appearing in any examination one must scan the total syllabus of the exam in your head. It becomes more important if it is a LIC exam as this exam happens after a long interval and students have to wait a lot if they miss the chance. So after analyzing which topics are necessary to prepare to depend upon the marks allocated to the topics make your strategy.

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LIC AAO Preparation Tips & Tricks

The most important thing that will help you in your exam is the strategy, with which you prepare for the exam. The reason behind this is lakhs of people are giving the same examination that you are giving. The only difference between all those candidates who are appearing for the examination is their strategy which will either make them successful or unsuccessful. It would be quite easy to crack any examination if you opt for the right strategy and dedicatedly follow that from the first day till the exam day.

How To Crack LIC AAO

Make a Timetable & Follow it

When the exam pattern and syllabus of the LIC AAO exam, the candidate must create a realistic timetable based on one’s needs and convenience. Allocate time for each section depending on one’s weaknesses and strengths. You must also allocate separate time slots for:

  • Learning new concepts
  • Revising old concepts
  • Solving practice questions
  • Taking LIC AAO mock tests

Give a “Kick Start” by Starting From Basics

  • As it appears, LIC AAO Syllabus is quite easy, but it is not you will realize when you will be tempted to directly start practicing. But remember, it is always better to start from the basics so that you do not get stuck in the middle and get demotivated. So, to avoid demotivation one must allocate time for learning new concepts (for each section) and understand the theory behind every concept.
  • First of all, brush up on the rules of English grammar for a particular concept (or concepts), say ‘Subject-Verb Agreement’ or ‘Direct and Indirect Speech’ or ‘Active and Passive Voice’ during the time allocated to learn new concepts of English language section. Then go to other subjects. This will help you clear your concepts properly and then solving questions will be quite an easy task for you. You can also make notes of important points, like formulas, various rules, steps to solve problems, etc. as you understand the concepts.

How To Crack LIC AAO

Practice Diligently

Every time you finish understanding a concept, solve practice questions for them during the time allocated for solving practice questions in the timetable made by you. Even if a certain concept is very easy, you need to practice it industriously to such an extent so that you master its every application skill. To boost up your confidence start with the easy ones. Afterward, move on to more difficult questions and thereby, move on to difficult topics. You must mark the questions that you find difficult or get incorrect. Revise/practice them later. Revision of those questions should be done thrice before appearing in the examination so that, your such questions can never be wrong if asked in the exam.

Cultivate Reading and Writing Habits

Read English newspapers and books regularly. This plays a vital role in developing an understanding of various topics, especially for General Awareness, the English Language, and the descriptive text of the LIC AAO exam. One must pay more attention to economical, cultural, financial, and banking-related articles and don’t forget to trace the recent visit of our honorable Prime Minister as the questions related to countries, capital, and currencies are asked in the exam. One must make notes of important points and learn the meaning and usage of new words. Even for Computer And its Applications section, one must need to read a lot and practice multiple-choice questions.

Give Mock Tests and Practice Previous Year Questions Papers

  • Taking LIC AAO mock tests and practicing LIC AAO Previous Year Question Papers regularly, especially after the completion of the full syllabus, is highly important. It will not only make you feel motivated but, also help you in increasing your speed and help you in deciding which questions you should attempt first in your exam.
  • This will give you an idea about the nature of the questions asked in the exam and then you can prepare accordingly.
  • Also, you will get to know where you stand and how much you are likely to get in the actual exam. This helps you a lot, as you can work on weak concepts and improve on them. Analyzing your paper after every test and identifying your strengths and weaknesses is equally important as much as it is important to attempt the paper.
  • Taking mock tests also helps in getting used to the pressure of taking exams and improving your focusing power for a longer period.

How To Crack LIC AAO

Improve Your Test Giving and Evaluating Skills

The most important aspect which is a must for every candidate who is appearing for the exam, yet, most of the candidates ignore it completely during their preparation. Even if your concepts are clear, you will not be able to convert your knowledge into marks unless you have a proper and effective strategy to give the exam. The most important aspects of a smart test planning strategy are:

  • Time management
  • Question selection

So, you can imagine the speed and level of time management you need to finish the examination in the time allotted to you. For this, you must master the skill to select the right questions, neglect the others, and then unanswered in minimum time. You must work on this approach as you practice and take tests. The candidate must try to attempt maximum the questions with maximum accuracy. Also, spending too much time on any question is not at all recommended by us.

We hope this detailed article on how to crack LIC AAO in the first attempt has helped you to a great extent. If you have any queries related to how to crack LIC AAO in the first attempt, then comment below. We will try to help you out in every possible way.

How To Crack LIC AAO 2023: Easy Tips & Tricks For Preparation

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