How to Crack IIT JEE 2024 – Latest Tips & Tricks

Crack IIT JEE 2024

How to Crack IIT JEE 2024: Tips & Tricks For Exams

How to Crack IIT JEE is the discussion topic for every aspiring engineer. Breaking the exam is every student’s dream. However, only a few can do this. Make the exam your dream and your ambition and prepare yourself with full determination. So, to help you out, I am here to share a complete guide on IIT- JEE (JEE Main, JEE Advanced). This complete information will guide you to the best to reach your destination.

The admit card for JEE Main Exam 2024 contains the following details the name of the candidate, JEE Main 2023 test center, exam date, exam shift, etc. It’s important to note that the choice of cities for Centre, Date, Shift, and Paper (Paper-1, Paper-2, or Paper-3) provided in the admit card cannot be changed under any circumstances. Candidates are advised to check JEE Main 2024 admit card thoroughly for their Name, Paper, Date of Birth, Gender, Test Centre Name, City, etc. In case of any discrepancy, students should immediately get in touch with JEE Main Secretariat for necessary action.

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What is The IIT JEE Exam?

IIT JEE is a common entrance exam for architecture and engineering courses. The test offers admission to IITs, NITs, and other prestigious engineering colleges across India. IIT JEE has proven to be a great opportunity for aspiring engineers. The answer to what IIT JEE is, IIT JEE is an Exam, which is the best platform for engineering and architecture aspirants. The test provides the opportunity for students to highlight their talents and knowledge of the IITs level.

How to Download JEE Main Admit Card 2024?

  • Visit the official website of JEE Main 2024
  • Click ‘Download JEE Main 2024 Admission Card
  • Enter your credentials including application number, password, and security code
  • After entering the above details, your entry card will be displayed
  • Download, save, and take a printout of the same

IIT JEE Main Exam

  • The first step of IIT JEE is the Main examination. The exam is conducted online mode by NTA in January and April. The NTA uses LAN instead of the Internet to conduct a safe and secure examination.
  • The further journey of the aspirants will only begin after the qualification in the Main examination. The scores in the Mains are the eligibility to move to the next phase i.e. Advanced.

IIT JEE Advanced Exam

  • JEE, Advanced is the second phase of the IIT JEE examination. The advanced exam is more difficult than the main exam. This exam will be conducted online mode.

JEE B Arch (AAT)

  • The exam is for aspiring Architects. The exam will help you to pursue the Architecture courses from IITs. The candidates can give AAT exam once they will qualify for the JEE Main and Advanced exams. However, there are only two IITs, which offer you Architecture Courses through JEE B Arch. They are IIT Kharagpur and Roorkee.

IIT JEE Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility Criteria are an important factor to take care of before appearing in the examination. The Nation Testing Agency has some guidelines for the eligibility criteria of the candidate. The candidate must go through these guidelines before applying for both examinations.

JEE Advanced 2024 Curriculum Changes

  • If we look at the new syllabus, many new topics have been included in the three topics. They are as follows:
  • The mathematics section includes topics such as groups, relationships, functions, algebra, matrices, and more.
  • The Physics section includes topics under broad categories of general physics, mechanics, thermal physics, electromagnetic waves, optics, and others.
  • The Department of Chemistry covers topics that include states of matter: gases and liquids, atomic structure, chemical bonding, and molecular structure, among others.

How Do Crack IIT JEE on The First Try?

Here are some tips to solve IIT JEE on the first try:

  • Know the syllabus and have a study plan ready.
  • Understanding concepts and practices is key.
  • Avoid reading multiple books.
  • Clear your doubts regularly.
  • Review over and over again.
  • Solve previous years’ papers and online mock tests.
  • Work smart, not just hard.
  • When you feel low, talk to your parents or teachers.
  • Get proper sleep, and eat healthy food.
  • Be assertive and stay positive.

Crack IIT JEE 2024


  • Make a plan and adhere to it
  • Don’t waste time
  • Study yourself
  • Practice a lot
  • Do not skip important topics
  • Clear your concept
  • Make calculations faster
  • Focus on mock papers
  • Ask for expert guidance
  • Be active

Besides JEE Main 2024 Admit Card, Students Also Need To Carry The Following To The Exam Center

  • One passport-size photograph (same as uploaded on the Online Application Form) should be taken for pasting on the specific space in the attendance sheet at the Centre during JEE (Main) Examination.
  • Any one of the authorized photo IDs (must be original, valid, and non-expired) – PAN card/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card (With photograph)/ Aadhaar Enrolment No/ Ration Card
  • PwD certificate issued by the Competent Authority, if claiming the relaxation under the PwD category.

Some Lastest Tips For Getting Good Grades

  • Build Your Concepts:
  • Read books/attend class regularly
  • Take notes / short notes correctly.
  • Review questions and practice
  • Build your concepts and confidence
  • Mark important questions
  • Practice Strategy:
  • solving examples
  • Solve more than 300 questions from each chapter (at least)
  • Practice for JEE Mains / JEE Advanced and BITSAT Test Paper and Practice Test
  • Olympiad Practice, KVPY Question Paper
  • Prepare well for JEE advanced-level problems.
  • Review Strategy:
  • Solve specific questions
  • analyze your weakness
  • Solve 30-40 questions in a specified period
  • Select the strong section of the topic.
  • Weakness improvement
  • Join the Quiz Series:
  • Score good marks, and try to keep them
  • Record less, try to get better
  • Target 25+ questions to solve
  • Give Olympiad, KVPY, and other exams.

Crack IIT JEE 2024

JEE Advanced Syllabus and Topics For Physics


Units and dimensions, dimensional analysis; least count, significant figures; Methods of measurement and error analysis for physical quantities about the following experiments: Experiments based on using Vernier calipers and screw gauge (micrometer), Determination of g using a simple pendulum, Young’s modulus by Searle’s method, Specific heat of a liquid using a calorimeter, the focal length of a concave mirror and a convex lens using the u-v method, Speed of sound using resonance column, Verification of Ohm’s law using voltmeter and ammeter, and specific resistance of the material of a wire using a meter bridge and a post office box.


  • Kinematics in one and two dimensions (Cartesian coordinates only), projectiles; Uniform circular motion; Relative velocity.
  • Newton’s laws of motion; Inertial and uniformly accelerated frames of reference; Static and dynamic friction; Kinetic and potential energy; Work and power; Conservation of linear momentum and mechanical energy.
  • Systems of particles; Centre of mass and its motion; Impulse; Elastic and inelastic collisions.
  • Law of gravitation; Gravitational potential and field; Acceleration due to gravity; Motion of planets and satellites in circular orbits; Escape velocity.

Thermal Physics

Thermal expansion of solids, liquids, and gases; Calorimetry, latent heat; Heat conduction in one dimension; Elementary concepts of convection and radiation; Newton’s law of cooling; Ideal gas laws; Specific heats (Cv and Cp for monatomic and diatomic gases); Isothermal and adiabatic processes, bulk modulus of gases; Equivalence of heat and work; First law of thermodynamics and its applications (only for ideal gases); Blackbody radiation: absorptive and emissive powers; Kirchhoff’s law; Wien’s displacement law, Stefan’s law.


Rectilinear propagation of light; Reflection and refraction at plane and spherical surfaces; Total internal reflection; Deviation and dispersion of light by a prism; Thin lenses; Combinations of mirrors and thin lenses; Magnification. Wave nature of light: Huygen’s principle, interference limited to Young’s double-slit experiment.

How to Crack IIT JEE

Modern Physics

  • Atomic nucleus; α, β, and γ radiations; Law of radioactive decay; Decay constant; Half-life and mean life; Binding energy and its calculation; Fission and fusion processes; Energy calculation in these processes.
  • Photoelectric effect; Bohr’s theory of hydrogen-like atoms; Characteristic and continuous X-rays, Moseley’s law; de Broglie wavelength of matter waves.

How to Score 90+ Marks in Maths JEE Mains 2024?

  • Don’t go through the Solutions without solving questions:-Students should first attempt questions instead of watching solutions first. Many students have the tendency to read the questions and if they find it difficult, they left that question and watch the answer.
  • Select the Chapters of Maths having more weightage in JEE Mains: Candidates should focus on the Chapters of Maths that have more weightage in JEE Mains. Some Chapters are very important from the examination point of view. Candidates should know about the exam pattern, Chapterwise weightage of Maths in JEE Mains.
  • Most Important Chapters of JEE Mains: Some chapters are very important from JEE Mains examination point of view. These chapters include — Integrals, 3-D Geometry, Probability, Conic section, Vector Algebra, Functions, Limits, Continuity & Derivability, Matrices & determinants, Probability, Permutation, and Combination.

How to Crack IIT JEE 2024: Tips & Tricks For Exams

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