How to Crack UPSC Prelims 2023: Important Tips & Tricks For Exams

How to Crack UPSC Prelims

How to Crack UPSC Prelims 2023: Tips & Tricks For Preparation

How to Crack UPSC Prelims: One of the most frequently asked questions is how do you prepare for the IAS? UPSC conducts Civil Service Examination (CSE) to recruit suitable candidates for IAS, IPS, IFS, and other associated services. Many aspirants apply for the exam, but only a few achieve this feat. So, what makes the difference, you ask! Well, it’s UPSC setup strategy! Most aspirants wonder, “How to prepare for UPSC” or “How to beat the UPSC exam on the first attempt” or “How to prepare for IAS”! In this article, we have tried to answer this question in a very comprehensive way.

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UPSC Exam Stages:

As you may already know, the UPSC Civil Services exam consists of three phases, namely Prelims, Mains, and Interview.

  • UPSC Preliminary Examination: UPSC Civil Services program consists of two examinations, General Studies I and General Studies II (CSAT).
  • UPSC Personality Test or Interview: UPSC Personality Test is the final round in the UPSC exam scheme. The final result is announced after the interview based on the cumulative score for the UPSC main examination and interview.
  • UPSC Personality Test or Interview: UPSC Personality Test is the final round in the UPSC exam scheme. The final result is announced after the interview based on the cumulative score for the UPSC main examination and interview.

Most UPSC students find themselves at sea while preparing a comprehensive UPSC preparation strategy. Hence, to help you out, we have put together a UPSC Setup Guide. It includes everything you need to know about “How to Prepare for the IAS Exam”. It also includes a 12-month plan for UPSC preparation along with a detailed guide on how to choose an elective UPSC and how to practice writing answers for the main exam.

Advantages of UPSC Online Preparing

Career Launcher’s UPSC Online Coaching is the way to go in terms of UPSC Preparation. Some of the major benefits that you can get with the UPSC Online Coaching are:

How to Crack UPSC Prelims

  • Time-Saving: As you can prepare from home and do not need to travel long distances for your UPSC Preparation, you will be able to optimize the time you spend on your preparation.
  • Expert faculty: A guiding light always makes our journey easier. Career Launcher’s UPSC Online Coaching helps you in this regard by helping you connect with expert faculty whose knowledge can help you in cracking the UPSC Exams
  • Recorded Lectures: You no longer have to worry about missing classes as all of your live sessions will be recorded.
  • Test Series: Giving mocks is one of the pivotal steps in terms of your UPSC Preparation and with Career Launcher’s UPSC Online Coaching, you will have access to the All India Mocks which will help you gauge your performances against others across the country.

Topic-Wise Preparation Strategy For Exam

Follow the best practices to prepare for this prestigious exam and ensure your selection in the upcoming exam:

How to Prepare For UPSC – Politics, and Governance

  • In recent years, the importance of government policies in both preliminary and main examinations has increased significantly.
  • These are Constitutional Development, FR, FD and DPSP, Central Government, Judiciary, Amendments, Local Governments, Federalism, and the election process.
  • Most of the available books lack information on current constitutional developments. Therefore, a thorough overview of newspapers and magazines is necessary to develop a good knowledge of the provisions of the Constitution (for example, one must be aware of the landmark judgments of the Supreme Court of India, such as Triple Talaq, Right to Privacy, Right to be forgotten), adultery repealed, base judgment, etc.).

How to Prepare for UPSC – Economic and Social Development

This includes sustainable development, poverty, socio-economic inclusion, demography, social sector initiatives, etc.

  • Most of the questions in this area are from the Indian economy, but one needs to be aware of international economics that has implications for India (for example, the recent trade war and its impact on the Indian market).
  • In money and banking, one has to keep an eye on financial and banking reforms (eg, merger of banks, insolvency, and bankruptcy laws, twin balance deficit problem, NPAs, etc.).
  • Over the years, this segment has undergone a significant change. Most of the questions are contemporary but require a proper understanding of the static sectors of the Indian economy.

How to Crack UPSC Prelims

How to Prepare For UPSC CSAT Paper

After the change in syllabus and introduction of CSAT, the second paper covers General Mental Ability and Reasoning.

  • In General Mental Ability, the total number of questions has shown a fluctuating tendency and the level of hardness has increased. Also, questions are being asked from far less-anticipated areas, which has made the preparation more difficult.
  • The most important fact to remember is that this paper is qualifying in nature, and candidates are expected to score a minimum of 33% marks.
  • Proper practice of previous years’ question papers and model questions is enough to ensure a good score.

How to Prepare Geography and Environment for UPSC

  • This is one of the most vital sections in the Preliminary examination, which covers a good amount of questions.
  • In Indian Geography, a thorough understanding of the physical aspects of India, with proper clarity on locations is the essential minimum requirement. It also helps in economic, as well as the human, aspects of Indian Geography.
  • In General Geography, the emphasis is on conceptual aspects. A careful study of ‘A Certificate Course in Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong would be helpful.
  • In World Geography, the relevance is more with contemporary developments. It is better to locate places on your Atlas while reading the newspaper every day.
  • A new dimension to the Preliminary examination is a set of questions related to the Environment.
  • For Geography, a proper reading of NCERT textbooks on Geography (from VI to XII) along with Goh Cheng Leong and a regular study of the Atlas is more than sufficient.

How To Prepare History and Culture for UPSC

  • Analyzing the pattern of previous years’ questions reveals that while the number of questions has been declining, the level of difficulty is increasing.
  • In Ancient India, questions on the Vedic Age, the Mauryan Period, and the Gupta Period are dominating. Sultanate and Mughal periods are the most important in Medieval History.
  • Marathas, Vijaynagar, Bahmani kingdom, and South dynasties are getting more importance in recent years.
  • The importance of Indian culture has increased significantly. Thorough knowledge of the development of Indian culture, right from ancient times, is vital to score good marks in the Preliminary Exam.

How to Crack UPSC Prelims 2022: Important Tips & Tricks For Exams

Current Affairs For UPSC

  • Current Affairs has gained maximum significance in Civil Services preparation. Its weightage has been increasing with every passing year.
  • Current Affairs is a vast area comprising events of national and international importance, multilateral developments, sports, and personalities in various fields, along with prizes, awards, and honors.
  • A part of the Current Affairs questions can be termed as General Knowledge questions.
  • So, it will be incorrect to assume that reading newspapers and current affairs magazines will be sufficient to solve such questions.

How to Crack UPSC Prelims 2023: Tips & Tricks For Preparation

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