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NxFilter is an advanced network utility that can help enthusiasts, technicians, and administrators set up custom network filtering tools for DNS queries. Built from the ground up to give all its users access to a very fast and intuitive toolkit for DNS filtering, this Windows application quickly gained considerable attention from advanced users who wanted complete control over their network security and user access management.

In addition to a basic DNS filtering service, NxFilter is home to a wide range of advanced features that can significantly increase the customizability of modern networks, both at home and in business organizations and large companies. By accessing the “Network and Sharing Center panel” you can select the TCP/IP protocol to be configured to use a specific DNS server address. Since the program is a routing DNS server, you can follow the full method of setting up a DNS server for user systems.

  • NxFilter is a DNS filtering software for Windows PC
  • You can block unwanted sites at the network level
  • You can block Porn sites for your kids and waste time sites for office workers.
  • It supports user authentication and single sign-on with Active Directory, and you can have multiple policies per user and group.

This includes a centralized local DNS cache that can take a local backup of previously used public DNS queries and then resolve network queries directly from the local network, a high scalability factor, and transparent filtering that can easily meet the DNS needs of several thousand simultaneous users. Highly advanced authentication support that can dynamically and custom route network queries, Active Directory integration with full policy management for imported users, built-in management for multiple policies, Remote Filtering, single sign-on, malware, and botnet detection, and much more.

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NxFilter is particularly suitable for use by experienced technicians, network administrators, and other IT professionals who can take full advantage of its wide feature set. The NxFilter gets regular updates and is 100% FREE. It does not contain any malware, including viruses, spyware, trojans, and backdoors. The application is optimized for all modern versions of the Windows operating system. Once installed on their PC, users can access the main dashboard via the intuitive web interface from any modern browser.

This dashboard has a simple user interface with main navigation tabs located above the web application (Dashboard, System, DNS, User, Policy, Category, Classifier, Whitelist, Logging, Report, and Help). The main screen is home to two useful traffic graphs where administrators can instantly block remote hosts by various factors and all important alerts can be viewed via the built-in notification service.

NxFilter is a comprehensive software application for monitoring and examining HTTP traffic on your network, as well as restricting access to websites. While it may seem easy to use, the tool requires some experience with networking tools, as it is mostly designed for administrators and other IT professionals. You can receive notifications about users trying to access blocked web pages and create a list with as many users as necessary to associate them with their IP addresses. It is also possible to manage policy information, create a whitelist by domain, browse a list of known phishing websites, edit request details, as well as generate and review daily reports.

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NxFilter is a powerful Java-based web filter that controls access to websites based on their domain names. It is also possible to restrict access by user and time, and one NxFilter installation can protect your entire network. First, of course, you need to install and configure the program, which may require a bit of effort.

NxFilter isn’t for network beginners, it doesn’t set everything up completely by itself, and even the web tutorial doesn’t walk you through every detail. if you know how to configure your system to use a custom DNS server, you won’t have much of a problem – but it does take a little work. You get a range of configuration options, there’s even support for authenticating users via LDAP and Active Directory (as well as password and IP address), all with great performance (the developer claims NxFilter can “handle several thousand users”)).

However, when you run NxFilter on a PC, it immediately brings benefits by blocking known phishing sites and using packet inspection to detect some malware. A browser-based console shows statistics about web traffic, blocked domains, and more, and logs every website you’ve accessed. If you need more control, you can create NxFilter policies that block websites by category (75 in total), or only allow access to certain website categories – or all Internet access – for a certain time of the day.

These policies can be applied to individual network users or groups of users. And you can even assign policies based on a time range, so an office can have a very relaxed policy at lunchtime, for example, but something much more restrictive for the rest of the day. This is just the beginning. If the default website blocking is not enough, NxFilter supports adding domains manually or fetching the blacklist.

What is NxFilter?

NxFilter is high-performance, network-wide filtering software designed for use in a corporate environment. It is not a personal web filter or a simple AD blocker. NxFilter offers a rich set of features, many of which you can only find in commercial filtering devices. It is a full-featured DNS filter that can easily handle several thousand users.

Is it Free?

NxFilter is free software. You can run it anywhere for any purpose. Widely used in companies, schools, hospitals, libraries, churches, home environments, etc. you can run it. You can also use it for your business purpose. For example, you can create a cloud filtering service for paid users or provide a paid service for NxFilter setup and management. You can even create your product instead of the NxFilter GUI and create and sell your package.

A Few of NxFilter’s Key Features:

  • Faster and lighter
  • NxFilter only needs to deal with DNS queries on your network for filtering. It is much lighter than the old web proxy way. No lag issues with NxFilter
  • High scalability
  • NxFilter has been used by ISPs, DNS filtering providers, schools, and other business users for many years. Its performance has been proven in the real world.
  • very stable
  • You don’t need to restart NxFilter often. Some of our users run it for several months without rebooting. Leave it to work and spend your precious time on other things.
  • Local DNS cache
  • NxFilter caches DNS responses from the upstream DNS server. Your users will be answered by the NxFilter cache. DNS traffic on your network will be greatly reduced.
  • User authentication
  • You can protect your network with user authentication by NxFilter. NxFilter supports various user authentication methods, including Active Directory integration.


  • Multiple policies
  • You may want to have multiple filtering policies for your users. You can create multiple filtering policies in the NxFilter GUI and apply these policies to users and groups.
  • Mobile user filtering
  • NxFilter provides various types of remote user filtering agents for your laptops. You can also filter iOS/Android devices with DNS over HTTPS service.
  • URL keyword filtering
  • You may want to filter out something you can’t filter with a DNS filter. You want to block some search keywords on Google and other search engines. It is possible with NxFilter.
  • Proven by the community
  • We’re all tired of these sales tactics. We provide you with real-world usage reports by our test user group. Decide which is best for you based on real-world data.


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System Requirements:

  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista
  • Processor: 2.2–2.9 GHz
  • Recommended: 3 GHz processor
  • Memory Basic: 8 GB
  • Recommended: 1 GB
  • Disk Space: 1.0 GB

How to Install?

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NxFilter-Cloud is a very complex and highly effective software that uses your web browser to help you monitor and manage Internet activity in your network, or create operators who can configure their accounts as they wish and allow Although it won’t cost you anything, NxFilter has a really simple GUI so you’ll be able to configure the program in no time, without being forced to use the command line prompt.

NxFilter was built for performance using local web proxy filtering and a speedy DNS filter. You can define exactly which websites need to be blocked using policy rights and authentication. It allows you to completely control Internet and network traffic, providing thorough daily and weekly reports.

NxFilter Crack With Activation Key For Win/Mac

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