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PUBG Mobile for PC

PUBG Mobile for PC (Android Game) Download New Version

PUBG Mobile for PC (also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an official Android mobile port of the biggest battle royale game currently in the market which you can start playing right now on your Windows PC! PUBGM easily eclipsed the reach of Fortnite and offered its global audience a unique way to experience tactical and realistic multiplayer competition between one hundred players, with only one hailed as the Sole Survivor.

To attract such popularity, the developers of PUBG managed to faithfully port the Windows PC version of this game to the Android platform, retaining all the immersive gameplay, subsystems, and various game modes, while introducing new elements such as a simplified touch interface and full access to new visual customization options.

Along with F2P access on Android OS, it has also made sure that this gaming app is also available on the Windows PC platform. There it can be experienced inside a very fast and accurate Android emulator with lots of extra options for PC gamers. This includes full support for keyboard and mouse controls, higher resolution and frame rate rendering modes, and many other customization options.

Because this mobile version of the game features somewhat simplified visuals, it can be played on computers with more modest hardware which is required for the full (premium) desktop version of this game. To ensure that the rules of the game remain level playing field, players of PUBG Mobile for Desktop will only be matched against other PC players of the same version of the game. keyboard and mouse players.

PUBG Mobile for PC

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PUBG MOBILE Introduction

PUBG MOBILE is the international version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS for Android devices. In this version, you can easily log in using your Google or Facebook login credentials. But, if you don’t want to do that, you can still play as a guest (no need to log in). With PUBG MOBILE, you get a typical battle royale. In other words, you are in a closed setting where 100 players must compete, and only one of you can make it out alive.

If you want a chance to make it to the end, move around the island collecting the best gear and weapons you can find. And you better be quick because the playing area shrinks over time. Almost all the elements of the PC version of PUBG are present in the mobile version.

PUBG MOBILE is a fantastic adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. And just like the original, you can enjoy several different game modes: solo, duo, or squads. If you’re playing with friends, you can even talk to them using your smartphone’s microphone. In the configuration options, you can adjust the graphics, adapting them to the capabilities of your smartphone.

This way, the more powerful the device, the better the graphics in the game. You can also customize the controls whether you are on foot or driving a vehicle. The controls have been well adapted to touchscreens, as have the other objects and interactive features in the game. You can enter buildings, drive vehicles, use goggles, find first aid kits, climb walls, and more.

PUBG Mobile for PC

How To Play PUBG Mobile?

PUBG has always been known for its exciting and abundant maps. With different terrains and extensive routes, you need to come up with a solid strategy to survive. Throughout the game, you are vulnerable to attacks and must use various weapons to keep you safe. While playing the game you will find many abandoned houses, buildings, factories, and warehouses. In the huge maps, weapons can be found scattered in different places.

You can also use armor, gear, and other wearable items to inflict damage on your enemies. When you start the game, an airplane drops all players on a deserted island. The only way out of the island is to become the sole survivor. Since the game involves up to 100 players, it seems impossible to win the battle against such a large number of participants.

One Of The Most Popular Battle Royale games!

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular and adventurous survival games. With the Windows version, you can enjoy fast-paced, action-packed gameplay on a large screen. It’s easy to get addicted to the game, especially with the unpredictable gameplay and strategy-based action sequences.

In the Battle Royale game developed by Tencent Games, 100 players compete against each other, deserted on an island with several unorthodox weapons and items. Since there is a multiplayer mode, PUBG for Windows has become extremely popular among users all over the world.

PUBG Mobile for PC

An Action-Packed Survival Game!

PUBG Mobile, or Playerunknown Battlegrounds, was designed exclusively for the official mobile game. Although you can enjoy the game on a bigger screen, it replicates the maps, environments, challenges, weapons, etc. In this online multiplayer game, you can indulge in super intense and fast-paced action sequences There is also a Player vs. Player shooting mode. Up to 100 players can fight to survive in a large-scale death match.

The last man remaining wins the game. Survival is the key to this strategy-based action adventure. On a big screen, everything feels better and you can have more fun. Compared to Grand Theft Auto V and Project IGI, this game is more engaging in the genre of action games.

Compared to other games in the action genre, PUBG Mobile offers a lot to the fans, especially with the Windows version. On a large screen, it’s even more fun, exciting, and adventurous. Since the game tries to be creative in every step, you will never feel bored or monotonous.

PUBG Mobile is available in multiple game modes and lets you battle against multiple players in one go. One game mode even includes zombie attacks, which require you to plan strategies to defend against the dead as well as the living. Throughout the game, PUBG keeps you on the edge of your seat, ensuring you have a rollercoaster ride.

PUBG Mobile is a Good Game For Windows

With the huge popularity of the game, it was only a matter of time before PUBG was available on multiple platforms. Tencent Games finally released PUBG for Windows, and it was a great decision. PUBG Mobile even comes with an emulator, which allows users to mirror an Android screen to a Microsoft Windows computer. To make things interesting, you can use the emulator to play several other games, such as Auto Chess and Mobile Legends.

With PUBG Mobile, you don’t have to worry about missing the latest events, releases, and updates. Even without a mobile device, all game features will be accessible on your computer. More importantly, PUBG for Windows lets you enjoy the game on a bigger screen, which ensures better performance and more exciting gameplay. Since the controls are easy to use and straightforward, you won’t have a hard time adapting to the Windows PC.

PUBG Mobile for PC


  • Engaging gameplay
  • Several customization options
  • Multiple game modes
  • Multiplayer option available


  • Occasional Lags
  • No tutorials


Serial Number 2023





License Keys 2023





System Requirements:

  • Windows:, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Processor: 3.2–3.9 GHz
  • Recommended: 3 GHz processor
  • Memory Basic: 8 GB
  • Recommended: 16 GB
  • Disk Space: 6.0 GB
  • Card: 6 To 8 GB

How to Install?

  • First of all download
  • Extract it all and forced it to start
  • Install all the files at the free location
  • After that copy the cracked file and paste
  • Replace it with an original file
  • Restart this software
  • Finally, all done!

PUBG Mobile for PC (Android Game) Download New Version

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