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GlassWire is a network monitoring and security solution with a built-in firewall. It provides features such as internet security, bandwidth usage monitoring, remote server monitoring, and online privacy protection. The network monitoring module allows administrators to track current and past network activity by traffic type, application, and user geographic location, all displayed in graphs. Administrators can click on the graph to view application details or network events such as bursts of network activity. Once suspicious activity is detected, you can use GlassWire’s built-in firewall management tool to block the potential threat.

GlassWire monitors threats, network system file changes, application changes, ARP spoofing, and DNS changes, and alerts administrators to various problems. The firewall shows network activity so administrators can see what current and past servers their computer is communicating with and can block potential threats. The GlassWire usage tab allows users to check how much bandwidth is being used to maintain hosting limits. You will be shocked at how many applications on your computer send your private data over the Internet without your knowledge. GlassWire’s free firewall and network monitor protect your privacy and security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity.

GlassWire visualizes all your network activity in one easy-to-use chart. Click anywhere on the chart to see which applications and hosts are accessing the network from your computer. Our software automatically resolves hostnames so you can easily see who or what your computer is communicating with over the Internet. Go to the Firewall tab to see which applications have accessed the Internet and block any suspicious applications, that invade your privacy, or waste your bandwidth. The GlassWire uses Windows’ built-in firewall, so no instability is introduced into your system by third-party firewall drivers.

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GlassWire 3.3.495 Crack + License Code 2023 Updated

GlassWire is a useful firewall application that helps you view network activity, monitor bandwidth usage, block apps from connecting to the internet, and more. When you find your apps connecting to your computer without your permission, it can be uncomfortable. Surely this can damage your computer and you might end up with some trackers that you don’t want. Also, these applications take up crucial internet speeds, so you don’t want them to connect to the internet. To prevent this, you can use an application called GlassWire. This app is designed for users who want to monitor their internet traffic more closely and control which app can connect to the internet.

Glasswire is a free application that allows you to monitor in real-time the incoming and outgoing traffic of your Internet connection, as well as the data consumption of all applications using the Internet. This tool offers multiple options to view network traffic through graphs or progress bars. However, thanks to its notification system, you can be notified every time an application or system service starts using the network abnormally or runs on the computer for the first time. Glasswire’s goal is to prevent any software on your system from consuming excessive resources without your consent at all times.

While monitoring, in addition to the name of each running service, you can also see the host it is trying to connect to and the type of protocol used, to help identify incidents or suspicious items. Another interesting advantage is the integration with the Virustotal service. If you see a program that doesn’t look familiar, you can send the file identifier to Virustotal to confirm or rule out your suspicions. Although the tool is completely free, it has some additional features reserved for the premium version.

GlassWire 3.3.495 Crack Download For Windows 2023

GlassWire protects your computer from threats by providing you with visualized data about your network activity. The GlassWire notifies you of suspicious hosts, ARP spoofing attacks, strange changes to your computer, new network connections from unknown applications, and numerous other security-related alerts. The app’s firewall forms a secure boundary between your computer and the Internet. You can see the data by viewing it on the Firewall tab; It provides information about which applications have accessed the internet and it can block all suspicious applications that invade your privacy or waste your bandwidth.


GlassWire is a free network monitoring tool that displays and alerts you about network traffic emanating from your computer. This allows you to quickly see which applications are communicating across the network and the Internet, how much bandwidth they are using, and which hosts they are connecting to. GlassWire also maintains a database of suspicious websites and will warn you if you try to visit one. Last but not least, GlassWire includes an easy-to-use application firewall that allows you to block specific applications from communicating over a network and the Internet.

When testing GlassWire, we found the tool to be very easy to use. Just install it and let it run in the background to log all sorts of information about your processes and their network activities. You can then use GlassWire to review that information and decide whether you want to continue allowing those applications to connect to the internet. Another useful feature is the ability to quickly identify unknown programs using the Internet. Most malware programs tend to send data over the Internet, and with a program like GlassWire, you can quickly spot these suspicious programs even before your antivirus includes them in its malware definitions.

GlassWire 3.3.495 Crack With Torrent Full Version 2023

GlassWire is a network monitoring tool that lets you see exactly what’s happening on your network and identify suspicious activity. It has a wide range of features that make it easy to monitor network activity, including the ability to look back at what your computer was doing while you were away. However, what sets GlassWire apart is the way it presents information. Unlike many similar network monitoring software, GlassWire just looks great. Best of all, GlassWire is free. Does that sound too good to be true? We thought so. So today we’re going to put GlassWire through its paces and see if it lives up to the hype.

Simply put, GlassWire is a network monitoring tool that allows you to see all the activity that is happening on your network. Once installed, it automatically tracks all traffic between your computer and the networks it’s a part of, logs which application initiated each connection, and lets you know where data is being sent and received from. In addition, GlassWire includes an advanced firewall by default. This allows you to block suspicious connections and protect yourself from cyber attacks and malware. GlassWire themselves admit that their monitoring software alone is not enough to offer complete protection against all forms of attacks and that it is therefore advisable to use good antivirus software alongside it.

Network Time Machine

One of GlassWire’s most exciting features is the ability to look back at network activity. The first is similar to most network monitoring software: GlassWire lets you view graphs showing incoming and outgoing connections for a specific period, be it yesterday or the last month. However, another very welcome feature is the ability to tell GlassWire that you’re going to be away from your computer for a while.

You can instruct GlassWire to block all network activity for some time, or simply ask it to block all activity until you return to your computer. On the other hand, if you let network activity continue as normal while you’re away, GlassWire will automatically let you know what your computer was doing while you were away when you return. This allows them to avoid detection by only operating at the times when you can least detect their activities.

Visual Surveillance

At the heart of GlassWire is a screen that displays a visual representation of network activity. This chart shows real-time upload and download activity and automatically displays an icon when a new connection is established. Hosts are automatically resolved and information about their country of origin is automatically displayed This approach certainly provides a powerful way to track network activity, with the ability to break down that activity by traffic type.

Best of all, the way GlassWire presents this information looks great. While it may sound like an unnecessary luxury to have your network activity presented attractively, in practice it means that by presenting important information in this way, you are more likely to review it and therefore more likely to spot suspicious activity.


Discrete Interface

Aside from the beautiful design of the central graphics, a lot of work seems to have gone into making GlassWire’s user interface discreet and user-friendly. A big problem with network monitoring software is that you can be constantly bombarded with alerts and notifications, especially at times when you are doing a lot of network activity. GlassWire’s alerts attempt to avoid this problem by quickly fading away. Even better, you have the option to set a “snooze” feature that blocks all notifications for a set period.

These features help avoid notification overload, but can only go so far: properly monitoring a busy network will always generate a lot of alerts, after all, and so this problem is, in a way, inevitable. There’s always an option to turn off GlassWire alerts entirely, of course, but it’s not recommended. Other good features of the GlassWire interface are the mini chart that you can place on your desktop, which offers compact real-time monitoring of your network, and the ability to change skins. All in all, it all adds up to one of the most beautiful network monitoring solutions we’ve seen.

Network Security

A network monitoring tool like GlassWire should be part of your standard security and privacy software toolkit. However, be warned that GlassWire does not automatically counteract every threat it detects. It helps you identify suspicious activity, but it’s up to you to take action to avoid the consequences of it However, GlassWire does a relatively good job of detecting strange network traffic. The software discreetly notifies you when a new application accesses the network.

It also implements a set of rules designed to detect system file changes, device list changes, app information changes, and ARP spoofing. These security measures don’t match those of dedicated security software, but GlassWire isn’t designed to be your only line of defense. When combined with other security tools like a VPN or antivirus software, GlassWire just adds another layer of defense, albeit a welcome one.

Privacy And Security Features

  • Instantly see who or what your PC is communicating with on GlassWire’s network monitoring chart, and see what your PC may have been connected to in the past.
  • Detect spyware, malware, malfunctioning apps, and bandwidth hogs, then block their connections.
  • GlassWire alerts you to network-related changes to your PC or unusual changes to your apps that could indicate malware.
  • Monitor other PCs on your network and get notified when new unknown devices join your wireless network.
  • Network Data Usage Monitoring
  • Go back in time with GlassWire’s network time machine to see what your PC was up to while you were away.
  • Get notified every time a new app accesses the network and block it if necessary.
  • View detailed network usage statistics broken down by IP/host, app, network traffic types, and more.

Other Properties:

  • GlassWire also offers several other features that, while not technically required for network monitoring software, allow you to reduce the number of separate applications you need to effectively manage your system.
  • One of these features is a bandwidth usage monitor. If you have limited bandwidth on a remote server, you can configure this tool not to exceed your capacity. More useful, however, is the ability to track bandwidth usage by app or traffic type.
  • At a basic level, this can help you weed out applications that are using more than their fair share of bandwidth. It can also help you spot unwanted activity since a third-party app consuming a large amount of bandwidth or connecting to unknown servers is a sure sign that something is wrong.
  • Another small feature GlassWire offers is “evil twin” detection. This innovative feature aims to protect you from the threat of public WiFi networks, which are a notorious source of phishing attacks and malware. GlassWire automatically detects when new WiFi hardware suddenly appears with the same network name, as this could be a sign that an attacker has duplicated a public network to collect personal information.



  • The set of alerts that GlassWire offers, and in particular the protection against ARP spoofing, places it at the top of software of its kind.
  • The firewall provided as part of GlassWire is not in itself first-rate software. However, the ability to configure this firewall for network traffic means it’s far more configurable than standalone firewalls, allowing you to blacklist connections specific to your work environment.
  • Another benefit of GlassWire is that while it wasn’t designed as a privacy tool, it works quite well as one. Being able to see all the remote servers that your computer connects to is in itself a good way to restrict others from accessing your data.
  • By far the biggest advantage of GlassWire, however, is the interface that it offers. While other network monitoring software offers some of the benefits and features mentioned above, none does so with such a style. While nice-looking charts may sound like a frivolity, the ability to quickly see what’s happening on your network means GlassWire is simply easier to use than the competition.


  • GlassWire’s downsides stem from what it isn’t rather than what it is. Although it’s a great software for monitoring home and small professional networks, if you’re the administrator of a very large corporate network, it’s worth investing in software with real network management capabilities.
  • Likewise, don’t rely solely on GlassWire for security and privacy. At its best, it’s a powerful addition to an existing suite of security and privacy tools, acting as a second line of defense against malicious attacks and malware.


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  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista
  • Processor: 2.2–2.9 GHz
  • Recommended: 3 GHz processor
  • Memory Basic: 8 GB
  • Recommended: 16 GB
  • Disk Space: 6.0 GB

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GlassWire 3.3.495 Crack With Activation Code Lifetime For Windows

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