How to Crack Cat 2023 – Tips & Tricks For Self-Preparation

How to Crack Cat

How to Crack Cat 2023: Tips & Tricks For Exams

How to Crack CAT 2023 is the best and biggest MBA entrance exam that leads to admission to 20 IIMs and hundreds of other MBA colleges in India. CAT students preparing for the CAT exam have natural questions such as Can I prepare for the CAT without training? How do I start preparing for CAT at home? Is it possible to prepare for CAT without training? What are the tips to prepare for CAT 2023 at home; How can I crack the CAT in 3 months with self-study as a beginner? Is Self-Study Enough for CAT? If so, what are the required books? How did CAT toppers do the self-priming?

To help CAT aspirants self-prepare and crack CAT 2023 with a high score, the experts at With Top Tips to Prepare for CAT 2023 at Home, share their under-five CAT Exam Self-Study Plan Points with all the materials needed in this article. So read on to understand how to prepare for the CAT exam at home. It will help you to solve the problem of CAT Self Preparation and will answer all your queries related to CAT Self Preparation

CAT 2023 exam in the last week of November. Since the preparation time is now short, you need to begin your CAT self-preparation without further delay. Does it require a well-designed self-study plan for CAT 2023 exam which includes many components including proper study materials for CAT self-preparation, a well-designed self-study plan for CAT exam preparation at home with time management which can answer your query ‘how do I crack CAT exam’ In 3 months through self-study as a beginner? ‘Please remember that more than two candidates appear in the Common Admission Test (CAT) each year and the number is still rising.

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How To Develop a Self-Study Plan For The CAT 2023 Exam?

With the expected changes in the CAT 2023 form, the CAT 2023 self-preparation should also change according to the experts. Experts advised to follow the required changes in the CAT self-preparation strategy:

CAT 2023 Self Preparation

  • CAT preparation with self-study and appropriate CAT materials is very important. Plus there is no harm in preparing for the CAT by going for a combination of a self-study plan for the CAT exam as well as testing yourself through Mocks or the Test series of training institutes. Not only will this enhance your self-preparation for the CAT exam, but it will also help you assess improvement in your preparation.

Is it Possible To Prepare For CAT Without Training?

Yes, experts say and CAT covers. This article below will not only answer your question about whether it is possible to prepare for the CAT without training, but it will also fulfill all of your following questions regarding self-preparation for the CAT exam:

  • How can I crack the CAT in 3 months with self-study as a beginner? Or two months or one month
  • Top hats tips to prepare for CAT 2023 at home
  • Why do toppers and other CAT aspirants prefer self-preparation?

How to Crack Cat

CAT 2023 Self Preparation Strategy

Now that you have opted to do CAT Self Preparation at home, the wise strategy is shared below for self-preparation for CAT 2023 Exam.

  • Check the CAT 2023 Exam Syllabus and Pattern
  • Be clear on how to prepare for the CAT exam at home
  • Best books and study materials required for CAT self-preparation
  • Time Management How to Prepare for a CAT Program in 3 or 2 Months: Section Wise Strategy

CAT 2023 Syllabus

Once you know about CAT Pattern 2023, your next step for CAT Self Preparation is to check the CAT Syllabus. The following facts should be well understood about the CAT Exam syllabus:

  • The syllabus for the IIM entrance examination or preparation for the CAT 2023 exam is not predetermined by the IIMs
  • The syllabus is based on the latest topics and questions that appeared in the previous CAT exams
  • The type, composition, format, and number of CAT questions may change on each CAT exam.
  • CAT questions are not repeated in any CAT test but the level of difficulty of the questions in the test remains within the syllabus.
  • The previous pattern reflects that the comprehensive curriculum covers all major topics related to verbal ability and reading comprehension; quantitative efficiency; Interpreting data and logical reasoning.
  • The CAT exam syllabus is divided into subsections

How Do You Prepare For the CAT Exam At Home?

There are two most relevant questions asked by CAT seekers who choose to self-prep for the CAT Exam – How do I start CAT preparation at home? Is it possible to prepare for CAT without training? CAT experts and covers while suggesting how to start preparing for CAT at home think that it is very possible to self prepare for CAT at home without training although you can get help from training in case of need.

How to Crack Cat

CAT self-preparation at home with self-study is the best preparation strategy, experts say. However, it depends on how much time you have, the skills you have, and the areas you want to improve among other factors. CAT self-preparation with appropriate CAT study materials can also be mixed with a series of CAT exams from a good training institute. Think that you can start preparing for CAT 2023 without training with the help of the best CAT books recommended by the distinguished, such as CAT Books by Arun Sharma, CAT Exam book by Nishit Sinha, and Good CAT Exam Preparation Materials, CAT Study Materials. Online, Free Online CAT Preparation Facility, CAT Exam 2023 Test, and CAT Mock Test 2023 that can sharpen your CAT preparation.

How To Start Self-Preparation For The CAT Exam

Self-preparation for the CAT exam requires that you develop your strategy against training-based CAT preparation as the training institute has its preparation plan. Accordingly, the step-by-step CAT self-preparation strategy, as recommended by Hats, differs slightly as detailed below:

  • Step 1: Scan the CAT Exam Scheme and Syllabus
  • Step 2: Try to do some CAT Mock Tests to find out your strong and weak subjects
  • Step 3: To get started, be sure to set aside at least 2-3 hours per day for preparation. Divide your time according to your skill set and requirements to build the basics and achieve conceptual clarity
  • Step 4: Take as many Mocks and previous test papers as possible with low to high difficulty levels, analyze errors, and improve in the subsequent mock test. It will help you to try the actual CAT question paper like other Mock Test
  • Step 5: Complete your preparation 15 days before the day of the CAT test. Don’t start anything new after that.

Benefits of Taking a Mock CAT Test

  • It allows you to improve your weak areas regularly
  • CAT Test Series helps you to practice well on different LoD questions
  • Prepares you to manage sectional time constraints in CAT
  • With the number of exams taken, the final CAT exam looks like another model

How to Crack Cat

Topper’s Tips to Prepare for CAT Without Training

Most CAT toppers chose to prepare CAT without training. CAT caps like IIM Calcutta student Shubham Bajaj of MBA batch 2021-23 with a score of 99.98 percent; IIM Ahmedabad student of PGP batch 2020-23, Rahul Gupta 100 percent in CAT 2019; Ashish Jhunjhunwala 99.90 percent in CAT 2017; Vipul Kukkar 99.99% in CAT 2023 self-study for the CAT exam with the help of books and other CAT study materials.

Below we share toppers’ tips for preparing for CAT 2023 at home and why these toppers and other CAT aspirants preferred self-preparation. The Preparation Strategy as adopted by CAT toppers can give you the right preparation plan on how to prepare for the CAT on the given schedule and anticipate the best outcome. CAT preparation tips by champions who were weak in VARC, DILR, or Quant, and how they overcame their weakness and scored high on the test, provide proper preparation guidelines.

Questions & Answers

Q-1: What is the ideal time to prepare for CAT?

  • Although there is no rule of thumb on this, CAT covers suggest that CAT 2022 aspirants should remain consistent and regular in their CAT preparation and always believe that the CAT exam is very close.

Q2: I would like to self-prepare for CAT. How do I start preparing without training?

  • First, get to know the CAT Exam Form and Syllabus and collect the best preparation books and CAT study materials and start preparing CAT by sections without leaving anything to chance.

Q3: How many Mocks are enough before the CAT exam?

  • As detailed above, CAT toppers took about 30-40 placebo tests before the CAT test. To prepare for CAT, it is not enough to just take Mocks but more importantly, analyze your mistakes in them and improve them in the future.

How to Crack Cat 2023: Tips & Tricks For Exams

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