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OpenDrive Crack With Serial Number [2023 Download]

OpenDrive is a viable online backup option for those who want to store documents in the cloud, as well as sync and share files across devices. The service offers flexible pricing plans, an intuitive web app, a truly continuous backup option, and support for two-factor authentication. On the other hand, OpenDrive’s desktop interface is fragmented, the recovery options are subpar, and the service failed to impress us in our upload speed tests. We also want the ability to protect an entire backup with a private encryption key. In my in-depth review, I focus on usability, security, customer support, and privacy. Here’s a bit of a spoiler.

OpenDrive has plenty of competition on the unlimited cloud storage front, and while it’s still a strong contender, it’s starting to show its age, particularly in the areas of speed and design. Read our comprehensive OpenDrive review to see how it holds up. It’s been a while since we’ve tried OpenDrive. Since then, the fast-paced cloud storage market has steadily evolved, and OpenDrive seems to have fallen behind some of the best cloud storage services. In this OpenDrive review, we’ll see if that’s the case by giving it another test run.

OpenDrive is a versatile cloud storage provider with plans suitable for personal, business, and business use. It has unlimited storage, and mirror image backups and can be accessed via the web, desktop, or mobile app. It comes with handy features like Zoho Docs that allow you to create documents and other file types right in the app. I was also impressed by the retention period, which is three times longer than other services. However, you need to be patient when backing up your files, as fast backups are not OpenDrive’s forte.

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OpenDrive falls relatively in the middle when it comes to these features. There were a few areas that I felt were a bit lacking, but it’s certainly not the worst cloud storage solution I’ve come across. If you need the basics, OpenDrive covers most needs. Its features aren’t as fancy as other cloud solutions, but it’s still a relatively reliable, easy-to-use tool. A few aspects make it special, like the ability to use OpenDrive on WordPress via its dedicated WordPress plugin. WordPress cloud storage plugins are rare and OpenDrive is one of the few cloud storage solutions that have this option. Developers can also access OpenDrive via WebDAV and the available API.

But the true power of a cloud storage solution isn’t in its bells and whistles. So let’s take a look at how OpenDrive handles backups and uploads, data recovery, and security. Backing up files using any of OpenDrive’s apps is a simple process. The desktop app has the most features, and this is where you can schedule backups and syncs. I found both the desktop and mobile apps super easy to navigate. Backup options include hourly, daily, continuous, and manual which is a wider selection than what many other cloud hosts offer.

OpenDrive’s free plan has a bandwidth limit of 1GB per day, but only for downloads (upload bandwidth is unlimited). Once your bandwidth limit has been exceeded, you must wait until noon (Pacific Standard Time) the following day to access, download, or open files using links. There is also a maximum upload file size of 100 MB. The only thing I missed was a backup status report in the web app. Each file has a progress bar to track its progress, but there’s no way to check the overall upload status or any kind of countdown.

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OpenDrive uses both a 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection and 256-bit AES encryption. Premium users also get the benefits of a zero-knowledge Secure Files folder where you can create your private encryption key. Servers are monitored (24/7 I assume) and premium account data is mirrored across multiple servers. While two-factor authentication is great, I didn’t have much personal control over the security of my data beyond that. OpenDrive has an activity log, but I could only view up to 100 lines of activity at a time.

You can also choose which files you want to include, exclude (like temporary files), or ignore altogether. However, once your backup is scheduled, you can turn on email notifications so you can be notified even when you’re away from your computer. You can restore files or folders from the Recycle Bin within 90 days after being deleted. Since most cloud hosts only offer a 30-day storage period (especially for free plans), this is a plus for OpenDrive. If you want file versioning capabilities, you’ll need to upgrade from a free account to a paid plan.

There are two (very easy) ways to restore files from the Recycle Bin: you can right-click on an individual file, or you can click the counter-clockwise arrow in the top right corner. You can read more about my experience with restoring files directly to the desktop and backing them up via a web application in the Performance section. If you need a physical copy of your data, OpenDrive can mail you an external drive for a one-time processing fee. But this service is only available for business accounts, so personal account holders will not get this feature without an upgrade.


OpenDrive Overview 2023

OpenDrive could be decent cloud storage if they just kept working on it, but it almost seems like development has stopped and there won’t be any new updates. It’s also very hostile to free users, so you should skip this one right away unless you’re planning on upgrading to one of their plans. They are one of the few cloud storage that offers unlimited storage at a reasonable price. However, I found during this OpenDrive review that there are so many issues that you are likely to encounter, which makes this cloud storage pretty bad compared to the best cloud storage providers.

OpenDrive is a cloud-based solution that helps companies share, store and manage data in one central workspace. The enterprise cloud storage application allows professionals to sync, update, back up, and restore data across all devices connected to the account. The security features of OpenDrive leave a lot to be desired. I was able to enable two-factor authentication, but that was the limit of my security privileges. Since each file upload counted as an action, and I uploaded over 400 files, this feature was not very useful to me in the long run.

OpenDrive allows individuals to create, edit, share and collaborate on files and folders and track changes in documents using the versioning feature. Employees can share folder links with team members who use the integrated Office suite to edit files and receive notifications of deleted, updated, or modified documents. When you turn on two-factor authentication, you will be prompted to enter your number to receive a link to download a mobile app called Authy. When I entered my phone number into Authy, I was sent a passcode, which was automatically detected, and I was immediately signed into my OpenDrive authentication account.

User Friendliness

To start, just register like you would any other website. You will then be forwarded to your homepage. From there you can manage your files. The UI itself doesn’t look great; It has the essential features you would expect from a file management system. Here’s what it looks like: The UI feels semi-responsive, but it’s still acceptable. Sometimes it takes forever just to open a single MP3 file to listen to music. One problem I’ve encountered is that if you decide to upload a larger file to a folder, you must not switch to a different folder while the file is being uploaded, otherwise, the process will be aborted. I for one find this very annoying and hope they fix this in the future.

Data Exchange

As in other cloud storage, you can share your files by creating links, which you then send to your friends or colleagues. All files automatically create download links, which I don’t like. You can’t turn them off if, for example, you decided to stop sharing the files with someone you’ve already given the link to. All in all, they could have done a lot better.

As mentioned earlier, you can create groups and sub-accounts for your main account. You can then share these sub-accounts with other people who have access to your files. This a useful feature when you work with your classmates or colleagues in a smaller team. You can only have up to 1 additional user in the free version and up to 4 with the personal plan.

Retrieving Files

When files are deleted, they are moved to the Recycle Bin folder just like deleted files are moved to the Recycle Bin or Recycle Bin on your computer. You can recover files from the Trash folder up to 90 days after deletion. If you empty the Recycle Bin or files that have been in the Recycle Bin for more than 90 days, they are physically and permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Files and folders that are moved to the Trash after being deleted are still part of your used storage as long as they remain in your Trash. The file versioning system is only available for premium users, which means you won’t get one if you’re a free user. If you decide to upgrade, you can activate the system in your account settings. You can store up to 99 versions of a single file, but remember that this all counts toward the total storage space you have available.

File Sync

You can install OpenDrive on Windows, macOS, and Linux. My experience with it isn’t the best. Once you install their program, it creates an imaginary drive to which you can then upload files like any other cloud storage. You can also back up individual folders or sync (mirror) any folder. For some reason, the interface works a bit slowly. Several users complained that the backup feature doesn’t work as it should, meaning they don’t back up their files at all or only partially.

The maximum file size is set at 100MB for free users, which is ridiculously low for a cloud storage company of this age. They also have a transfer limit of 1GB per day and a speed limit of 200kb/s. With the updated version, all of these values change to unlimited.


Highlights 2023:

  • online drive
  • Upload, create, edit, replace, move and preview files
  • Sync selected files and folders across multiple computers
  • Automated backup
  • Sync and backup scheduling with email notifications
  • Play music and videos
  • Upload new file versions
  • Create folders and subfolders
  • Zero-knowledge encryption folder (AES-256 file encryption with a custom key)
  • Public, hidden, and private permission assignments for each file and folder
  • Share files and folders
  • Browse files and folders
  • Recycle bin and recover files and folders
  • Deduplication


  • Unlimited storage for a low price
  • Client-side encryption for premium users
  • Extensive sharing features


  • Very limited features in the free plan
  • Very buggy interface
  • No client-side encryption in the free plan
  • Known for having issues with backup
  • Fishy refund policy


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OpenDrive is one of those cloud storage where you feel like they were trying to create good and useful storage but fell short somewhere in the process. I also don’t believe there will be any new updates since all the development has sort of come to naught. There are much better cloud storage options out there and I don’t see why you would choose this over any other, even though you can have unlimited storage for $10. OpenDrive is a solution that allows you to store, back up, and synchronize data between multiple users and computers.

OpenDrive Crack With Serial Number [2023 Download]

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