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Tux Typing

Tux Typing 1.8.1 Crack Full Version For Win/Mac 2023

Tux Typing is a fun and easy way to improve your kids’ typing skills. Typing skills are more important than ever and will only increase over time. While more and more of our lives are carried out using our phones and other mobile devices, the ability to type quickly and accurately is essential in almost every professional field. Tux Typing can encourage your kids to improve their typing skills, and it does so by making the process a game. While this open-source game might take a bit of a drag, it’s still a very effective alternative to traditional typing software, and it has the bonus of being completely free to use.

The Tux Typing pack consists of three different modes, each one unique in terms of the game system, aesthetics, and lessons learned. Comet Zap is probably the best and most action-packed of the bunch, even if it’s the play style that dominates almost any typing game. You control a penguin and destroy asteroids falling to Earth by printing words on them. Both are fairly simple chores moving across worn-out territory, but they get the job done right, and there’s enough here to encourage most kids to get on with one more game.

The lessons section is not necessarily a game, but it allows for a more structured approach to learning the intricacies of the keyboard. Oddly, Tux Typing only comes with a trial lesson, but users can create their lessons using XML sheets, and the open-source nature means other owners can share their lessons online for easy access to the entire curriculum suite. This means that your kids will be inspired to keep improving their skills in their free time rather than forcing them to study at a certain time.

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What is Tux Typing?

Tux Typing is a free desktop program designed to teach kids how to type in a fun way. Users are introduced to Tux, the Linux penguin, and mascot. In two different games, words fall from the sky and players must type them before they fall to the ground. Children and adults can challenge themselves with different levels of difficulty. Tux Typing is a free and open-source typing tutor built primarily for kids, though adults might find it useful too. It includes several different types of gameplay at various difficulty levels.

Tux Typing supports a wide range of languages including Armenian, Bokmål, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, English, Euscarian, French, Spanish, Greek, Jamaican, Lithuanian, Nepali, Russian, Swedish, Swahili, and even several languages. smaller languages that you might not expect to find. The language can be selected from the main menu of the program, although users will find that not all elements of the game are translated – this can be frustrating for those who do not read English. It was developed by Tux4Kids, a company that develops high-quality software for children.

In the first game, fish are falling from the sky. Each fish has a letter or word written on it. When the player presses the appropriate key or enters the correct word, Tux is at the bottom of the screen, ready to eat the fish. If the fish still have the letters when Tax swallows them, then his stomach hurts and the player loses a life. The second game is similar, but the goal is to stop the comets from falling on the city. The software is available as a free download on various platforms including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows (Vista up to Windows 10), and Linux (Ubuntu).

Tux Typing

How Does It Work?

At the moment, Tux Typing includes three different games, each of which requires you to type. The first one is called “Fish Cascade”. In this game, you need to spell all the words correctly before they fall to the bottom of the screen. If you miss too many times, then the game is over. Words fall relatively slowly at the beginning, but gradually pick up speed as the game progresses. The second is Comet Zap. This works similarly to Fish Cascade, except entering any letter on the screen will make it disappear. You won’t know which letter will disappear if there are duplicates, so be ready for anything.

The last part is simply called “Lessons”. This mode is more like a typical tutorial, requiring you to enter a character set with as much precision as possible. For each character you enter, the interface will mark the finger you must use. For example, your left little finger will be suggested every time you have to press the “A” key and your right thumb will be needed for the space bar. Each set will also automatically record several set statistics, such as the mistakes you made, the time it took you to type it all, and how many words per minute you can presumably put in.


  • Fantastic typing tutor!
  • A typing game that only focuses on improving speed and accuracy can reinforce existing poor typing skills. Not so with Tux Typing! The interactive lessons in this game will teach you the ins and outs of proper keyboard playing from scratch.
  • Two game modes keep things interesting
  • In Fish Cascade, juicy fish are falling from the sky. Dachshund, the Linux penguin mascot, waits under falling food with an empty stomach. However, he cannot eat the fish when it is covered in letters. Removing those indigestible letters is up to you. By successfully typing the entire word written on the fish, the notes will disappear.
  • Customizable word lists
  • In addition to a robust selection of built-in word lists, Tux Typing also supports user-created word lists. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the users of this game. Spelling words, vocabulary lists, and even foreign words can be easily added to Tux Typing for increased visibility and reinforcement, making the game both a typing tutor and a learning tool.
  • Bright, colorful backgrounds and immersive sound
  • Most of the backgrounds in Tux Typing are bright and beautiful images of wide open spaces, and the game automatically changes the background at regular intervals as you play. This reduces eye strain and keeps the game fresh even after long typing sessions.
  • Making a typing game
  • Typing training programs are hardly new, but let our recalcitrant fellow programmers in the Linux community make this a free game. Tux Typing is a small software package that includes a range of games designed to practice your typing skills.

Tux Typing


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System Requirements:

  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista
  • Processor: 2.2–2.9 GHz
  • Recommended: 3 GHz processor
  • Memory Basic: 100 MB
  • Recommended: 100 MB
  • Disk Space: 1.0 GB

How to Install?

  • First of all download
  • Extract it all and forced it to start
  • Install all the files at the free location
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  • Replace it with an original file
  • Restart this software
  • Finally, all done!


It has many unique games with backgrounds, effects, and sounds. This way you will be able to see something new in every game you try. But you won’t care as much about looks as you move on to more difficult levels and games. Some experienced typists even find it difficult to pass the advanced levels. This way the kids will continue to be challenged as they progress to higher levels. At this point, the words will fly from the sky with great speed. Children and all other users will be forced to type at high speed to keep up.

Tux Typing 1.8.1 Crack Full Version For Win/Mac 2023

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