How to Crack XAT 2023: In First Attempt With 10 Best Tips & Tricks

How to Crack XAT

How to Crack XAT 2023: Best Tips & Tricks For Exams

How to Crack XAT 2023 exam is divided into five sections, of which three major sections in VALR, DM, and QADI will be counted for percentage calculation and the subsequent shortlisting process by XLRI. Sections 4 and 5 on GK & Essay Writing will not be counted in making the merit list by XLRI. Therefore, unless you score highly in the first three sections, you may not be shortlisted by XLRI for the final admissions round of PGDM-BM or PGDM-HRM programs. Accordingly, you should prepare well for XAT 2023 with equal emphasis on all three divisions and you should devise the best XAT preparation strategy to dedicate time to improving your weaknesses and further strengthening your strong areas.

The date of the XAT 2023 Exam is January 8, 2023. It will be a computer-based test of 3 hours 10 minutes from 9:30 AM to 12.40 PM and will consist of 101 questions. A well-planned XAT 2023 preparation for the XAT Exam can give you admission into the prestigious XLRI, IMI, IMT, LBSIM, XIMB, TAPMI, XIME, and BIMTECH among other top B schools. XAT 2023 preparation should be according to the revised XAT test pattern. Given experts and former XAT workers, preparation for XAT Exam 2023 requires a well-planned approach to time management.

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The XAT 2023 Setup According to The Revised XAT Pattern Should be as Follows

  • Exam date: Sunday, January 8, 2023
  • XAT 2023 Test Mode: PC Connected
  • Total expected questions: 101 (based on last year’s pattern)
  • Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes from 9.30 am to 12.40 pm
  • Number of Sections: 5 (Oral, DM, QA, GK, Essay Writing)
  • Question type: Multiple-choice type (MCQs) with 5 answer options and a descriptive essay writing test
  • Questions with negative marks: 75
  • Questions without negative marks: 25 (GK section) + 1 Descriptive essay writing
  • Score awarded for each correct answer: 1 mark
  • Negative marking (applies to incorrect answers): ¼ (0.25) mark
  • Penalty for unanswered questions: 0.10 marks for each unanswered question after 8 questions

How to Crack XAT

XAT 2023 Preparation as per Exam Model

Your preparation for XAT 2023 may not take off, unless you are familiar with the main components and sections of the XAT exam, and what topics are asked about in the XAT exam. It is like beating on the bush where you will not be able to learn how to start XAT preparation online or offline and it will not be possible to collect the best XAT MBA preparation materials.

XAT Exam Form

Before moving on to your preparation path, it is very important to understand the pattern of the XAT exam which has undergone notable changes over the past few years. As per the tradition in changes in different types of questions in XAT, you cannot rule out different XAT tests 2023. The coming months will be a crucial period for making a well-drawn plan for your preparation schedule.

XAT 2023 Exam Preparation by Syllabus

You can collect the best preparation materials, preparation books, and study materials only when you are familiar with the XAT 2023 exam preparation topics that you need to study for XAT 2023 preparation. The XAT exam syllabus gives you a complete idea of ​​the XAT exam preparation topics based on which you can prioritize and select the topics for XAT 2023 preparation. The XAT 2023 syllabus includes topics on verbal ability, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, decision making, quantitative ability, data interpretation, general knowledge, and the Personal Essay Writing Test. The XLRI awards a score of 3 for the essay writing test.

How to Crack XAT

XAT Exam Preparation Books Pdf Free Download

Download preparation books in free pdf format available on different websites can help you compare the quality of downloaded XAT study materials for XAT preparation. Apart from this, your XAT study materials should include:

  • The latest RC passes and practice questions offered by study centers such as TIME and CL among others
  • Editorial and short articles published in English language newspapers
  • “The power of words is easy” – Norman Lewis
  • “High School English Grammar and Composition” – by Raine and Martin
  • Solve verbal ability questions regularly from XAT study material, especially in paragraph summary, mixed paragraphs

Please note that online XAT study materials provided to you by your training institute or offline XAT practice test papers purchased from Market; XAT test series with your attendance; The XAT study and practice materials provided to you by your training center in hard copy can prove to be a good source of XAT preparation materials.

AT Preparation With Mocks

XAT practice test papers prepared by top experts and XAT covers are a good tool for XAT 2023 preparation and beat the XAT test with high scores. XAT 2023 Exam Preparation with Paper Samples can become easy as XAT Mocks includes the best-selected questions for XAT Preparation. These mock tests are available both online and offline. As XAT has gone green as a computer-based test, by preparing XAT online you will be able to enhance your XAT 2023 exam preparation as if you were trying for the actual XAT test.

XAT Preparation 2023 With Previous Test Papers

Previous year papers consisting of XAT questions and detailed solutions are a good source of XAT preparation materials. They give you the idea and type of XAT questions that you may encounter in a real XAT test paper 2023. After hardening the basics, XAT exam preparation should focus on practicing more and more previous XAT test papers. The XAT Preparation Strategy will not only give you a chance to solve real XAT test questions but also give you.

How to Prepare For XAT Without Training & With Self-Study?

There is no substitute for preparing for XAT with self-study that requires no training until and unless you are stuck. Therefore, experts recommend that you should start preparing for the XAT exam with self-study and later make it a combination of self-study plus help from training to avoid wasting time.

How to Crack XAT

  • Self-preparation is the best preparation strategy for XAT 2023 but time is also an important factor. It may take a little nudge to get out of the shallows. This help can be provided by your XAT mentor online or offline depending on your preference, or a combination of both.
  • Most candidates coming from engineering or other technical background find it easy to get along well with Quant, DI, and LR but when it comes to verbal ability and reading comprehension, they find the section challenging.
  • XAT 2023 preparation needs to improve speed and accuracy because the time required to solve each question is less. The question difficulty level in XAT is a little higher than in other tests but you have more than 1 minute for each question to solve and the correction system in the standardized XAT test, so it requires you to focus more on the questions that are calculated for the merit of the score, while the goalkeeper can be taken care of in time Residual. Therefore, it will not be enough to achieve the highest level in XAT 2023.
  • The XAT 2023 preparation should provide you with continuous sitting for more than 3 hours without interruption. To achieve this, you have to get more Mocks and XAT test papers from the previous year.

10 Tips For Preparing XAT

The step-by-step preparation tips for XAT as recommended by XAT covers are:

  • Step 1: Scan the XAT Exam Scheme and Syllabus
  • Step 2: Try to do some previous XAT Mock Tests / Test Papers to know your strong and weak topics
  • Step 3: To get started, make sure you dedicate at least 2-3 hours per day to preparing XAT
  • Step 4: Divide your time according to your skill set and requirements to build the basics. And bring conceptual clarity through books and study materials according to the XAT pattern and syllabus
  • Step 5: The Decision Making (DM) section of the XAT is unique, so prepare it well.
  • Step 6: Data Interpretation (DI) is more time-consuming. Begin training with DI questions. Use rounding techniques to make quick calculations.
  • Step 7: Constantly work on improving your weak areas by allocating more preparation time
  • Step 8: Take as many Mocks as possible with a low to high difficulty level, analyze and improve the errors in the subsequent mock test
  • Step 9: Complete your XAT preparation 15 days before the day of the XAT test. Don’t start anything new after that
  • Step 10: Be Prepared for XAT Test Day Treat the actual XAT like another mock test.

How to Crack XAT 2023: Best Tips & Tricks For Exams

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